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Broadcasted on: Wednesday, 10th of November 2021 at 19:00 UTC

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Broadcasted on: Wednesday, 10th of November 2021 at 19:00 UTC

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  • 01

    Appointment of Relief Chairman

    To appoint a relief Chairman.

  • 02


    To sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Council meeting held on 22 September 2021.

    Minutes - 22 September 2021

  • 03

    Lord Mayor's Communications

    1.            The Lord Mayor to report that, on Thursday September 23rd he attended a Pride in the City Reception at Guildhall.


    2.            The Lord Mayor to report that, on Friday September 24th, he attended the War Widows Founders Day Service at Wellington Barracks.


    3.          The Lord Mayor to report that, on Sunday September 26th, he attended the London Pearly Kings and Queens Society Harvest Festival Service and Reception at St Mary Le Bow Church.


    4.          The Lord Mayor to report that, on Thursday September 30th, he attended the Francis Holland ‘Old School House’ Grand Opening at The Old School House.


    5.          The Lord Mayor to report that, on Friday October 1st, he made Silver Sunday care home visits at various locations across the City.


    6.          The Lord Mayor to report that, on Sunday October 3rd, he attended the Silver Sunday Morning Programme at Hyde Park Barracks, Paddington Recreation Ground and the Beethoven Centre.


    7.          The Lord Mayor to report that, on Thursday October 7th, he attended a Service of Thanksgiving for Canon Jane Sinclair at Westminster Abbeyand the Burlington Gardens Completion Celebration at Burlington Gardens.


    8.          The Lord Mayor to report that, on Saturday October 9th, he attended a reception to mark the 59th Independence Anniversary of the Republic of Uganda at the InterContinental and a Westminster Dragoons Reunion Dinner at the Cavalry and Guards Club.


    9.          The Lord Mayor to report that, on Monday October 11th, he attended the Edward Wilson School Tree Planting Event (Queen’s Green Canopy Project) at Edward Wilson Primary School.


    10.      The Lord Mayor to report that, on Tuesday October 12th, he attended the Royal British Legion Centenary Service and Reception at Westminster Abbey.


    11.      The Lord Mayor to report that, on Sunday October 17th, he attended the London Mayors’ Association Civic Service at Westminster Abbey.


    12.      The Lord Mayor to report that, on Monday October 25th, he attended the Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster Chamber of Commerce Launch at the Terrace Pavilion, House of Commons.


    13.      The Lord Mayor to report that, on Friday October 29th, he attended the Honorary Stewards' Evensong and Reception at Westminster Abbey & Westminster School.


    14.      The Lord Mayor to report that on Tuesday November 2nd, he attended 'Shongram' Screening at the Everyman Cinema Maida Vale.


  • 04

    Declarations of Interest

  • 05

    Statement on Urgent Matters

    With the approval of the chairman of the meeting, the Leader of the Council may make a statement on an urgent matter and the Leader of the Opposition will have an equivalent right of reply.


  • 06

    Petitions and Deputations, if any

  • 07


    The Lord Mayor will call Members who have indicated that they wish to ask a question after the Leader of the Opposition has asked his questions.


  • 08

    Councillor Issues

    Councillor Lindsey Hall – Cycle lanes in Westminster and ULEZ expansion in St John's Wood; the impact on local residents & businesses

    Councillor Liza Begum – Housing Deprivation

  • 09

    Future Policy Plan

    To consider items for debate from the attached Future Policy Plan

    Future Policy Plan

  • 10

    Report For Full Council: The Re-adoption of the Council's current Statement of Principles for Gambling under the Gambling Act 2005

    To receive, consider and debate, if chosen, the following report which contains a recommendation to the Council for approval and adoption.


    Report to Council on Readoption of Current Gambling Policy

    Appendix 1 - Final revised 2022 (Re-adopted) Statement of Principles for Gambling - October 2021

  • 11

    Report for Full Council: Programme of Meetings 2022 - 2023

    To receive, consider and debate, if chosen, the following report which contains a recommendation to the Council for decision.

    Programme of Meetings 2022-2023

  • 12

    Notice of Motion

    To be moved by Councillor Pancho Lewis and seconded by Councillor Geoff Barraclough:


    This Council notes that in 2019 a Climate Emergency was declared committing the Council to achieving net zero emissions by 2030 with a City-wide goal of 2040.


    This Council notes that following the Climate Emergency declaration a draft Climate Action Plan was published outlining how the Council intends to achieve its net zero goals.


    This Council believes climate action will not happen unless local communities are at the heart of the decision-making process. Genuine public engagement needs to go deeper than what Westminster has delivered so far, giving more opportunity and time for communities to learn, discuss and make recommendations.


    This Council believes the built environment in Westminster has a crucial part to play in addressing the climate crisis. City Plan Policy 36 aims for net zero Carbon on major developments, but most developments in Westminster are classed as minor schemes.


    The Council resolves that major policy and spending decisions made by the Council should undergo a ‘Net Zero Test’ to inform the decision-making process and understand their carbon and environmental impact.


    The Council resolves to establish a Westminster Climate Assembly that is fully resourced and run by a professional organisation specialising in deliberative engagement and using random stratified sampling to ensure representation according to local demographics. WCC should commit to implementing the solutions proposed wherever possible.


    The Council resolves to examine the development of a local climate bond, a crowdfunded financing instrument that would allow Westminster residents to invest in local green projects and enable the Council to diversify its funding sources.


    The Council resolves to strengthen its draft Environmental Supplementary Planning Document to include requiring energy assessments for net zero on major schemes (both residential and non-residential); measures to encourage developers to achieve reductions on Part L in minor developments; scrapping policies in favour of onsite parking and setting a presumption in favour of new developments being genuinely car-free; and making it easier for developers to connect new homes to community heating projects.


    The Council resolves to set out plans to speed up retrofitting of social housing stock in Westminster, with a particular focus on addressing the 39% of Council homes which currently have single-glazed windows and on transitioning heating and hot water systems to clean sources.


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