24.10.18Handling Exponential Growth With Elasticsearch
Handling Exponential Growth With Elasticsearch
Wed, 24th Oct 2018 - 01:30
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PHP and MySQL are found throughout the stacks of tech companies. They are particularly favoured by start-ups due to their ease of use and low barriers to entry. But what happens when a start-up becomes successful and strays in a direction that the existing stack was not built to deal with? This session takes a look at the example of Voxpopme, who found their data ingestion needs doubling year on year, with a sudden need to support datasets hundreds of times larger than before. We will explore the benefits of an inverted index DBMS such as Elasticsearch for storing and querying this kind of data, whilst looking at methods of integrating this new technology into a legacy PHP/MySQL application in a scalable, backwards-compatible way.