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West Midlands Police and Crime Panel

Broadcasted on: Monday, 3rd of February 2020 at 16:27 (Times in UTC)

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West Midlands Police and Crime Panel

Broadcasted on: Monday, 3rd of February 2020 at 16:27 (Times in UTC)

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    Notice of Recording

    Chairman to advise the meeting note that this meeting will be webcast for live or subsequent broadcast via Birmingham City Council's Internet site (http://civico.net/Birmingham) and members of the press/public may record and take photographs. The whole of the meeting will be filmed except where there are confidential or exempt items.
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        Declarations of Interest (If Any)

        Members are reminded that they must declare all relevant pecuniary interests and / or non-pecuniary interest is declared a Member must take no part in the consideration or voting thereon, unless a dispensation has been obtained from the relevant Standards Committee.  Any declarations will be recorded in the Minutes of the meeting.
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          To confirm the Minutes of 13 January 2020 meeting.

          Link to Agenda and Reports

          • 05

            Public Question Time

            To receive questions from members of the public notified to the Panel in advance of the meeting.

            Any member of the public who lives, works or studies in the West Midlands (other than police officers and police staff) can ask a question at the meeting about the Panel's role and responsibilities.  Questions must be submitted in writing four days before the meeting to wmpc@birmingham.gov.uk.

            Link to Agenda and Reports

            • 06

              Review of the Policing Precept and Budget for 2020/2021

              Report of the Panel Lead Officer

              The report of the Police and Crime Commissioner will follow.

              Under Schedule 5 of The Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 the Panel is responsible for reviewing the Police and Crime Commissioner's proposed percept.

              Link to Agenda and Reports

              • 07

                Tackling Knife Crime and Violence - Next Steps

                Continuing the Panel's in-depth look at tackling knife crime and violence.

                A copy of the Panel's Work Outline is attached for information.

                Link to Agenda and Reports

                • 08

                  Police and Crime Commissioner's Update

                  The PCC will update the Panel on key issues.

                  Link to Agenda and Reports

                  • 09

                    Work Programme for 2020/2021

                    To discuss the Panel work programme.

                    Link to Agenda and Reports

                    • 10

                      Date of Next Meeting

                      A provisional date (if the Panel vetoes the precept) has been set for Monday 17th February 2020 at 1400 hours in Birmingham Council House.

                      Otherwise, the next meeting is scheduled to take place on Monday 16th March 2020 at 1400 hours, Birmingham Council House.

                      Link to Agenda and Reports

                      • 11

                        Urgent Business

                        To consider any items of business by reason of special circumstances (to be specified) that in the opinion of the Chairman are matters of urgency.

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